We offer a comprehensive range of services for the analysis of the genome either as a whole or using a targeted approach. 

Sanger sequencing - Our Sanger sequencing service is a great way to validate any of your genome wide discoveries or to verify specific sequences in smaller numbers of samples. 

Whole Genome sequencing - We are experienced in the production of high-quality reference genomes using complementary sequencing technologies and can provide you with a fully customised solution for your genome sequencing project. Our sequencing platforms encompass short read and long read platforms with scalable output. 

Exome & Targeted sequencing - Targeted sequencing of regions of the genome allows cost effective screening of cohorts or populations. We utilise capture products from a range of suppliers so that we can provide you with a design that best fits your project. 

Epigenome sequencing - We provide a number of different services that utilise next generation sequencing to study epigenetic modifications and their impact on gene regulation Genome-wide or targeted epigenome services are available.  

Microarrays - Provides a wide range of applications from genotyping to methylation profiling using array-based technologies. We have a range of options to suit low to high throughput projects to guarantee a fast turnaround time.

Full Length Plasmid Sequencing - Our Oxford Nanopore service provides long read plasmid sequencing to verify the whole plasmid construct. 

A pdf summarising the genomic services we provide and technology platforms that support these services can be viewed here.

The range of Genome & Epigenome analysis services analysis services that we offer is extensive. We are always happy to discuss the various options that we have on offer and guide you towards the best approach for your project.  If there is a technique or technology you are interested in that is not listed on the service menu on the right, contact us as we may be able to offer an alternative solution.

All genomic analyses performed by the Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics is carried out in our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories.