The Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics provides a micorbiome profiling service using Axiom microbiome arrays. This approach to microbiome analysis is suitable for many applications such as pathogen detection, evaluation of microbial status and response to treatment, monitoring livestock health, and for linkage studies on the impact of  microbiota on disease state.

Advantages of this approach include: 

  • Profiling of human and animal microbiomes in a single assay
  • Coverage of over 11,000 organisms and 5 microbial domains: archaea, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses
  • Identification to the species, strain and sequence level
  • RNA virus detection using cDNA template 
  • Flexible 24- and 96-array plate formats
  • Simplified analysis using free MiDAS software

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Service includes: Sample QC --> data ready for analysis
Starting material: Genomic DNA & cDNA
Amount DNA required: 50ul of DNA (15-50ng/ul concentration)
Array configuration:  24 & 96 array plates
Turnaround time: 15-20 business days for in stock arrays