Complete plasmid sequencing for constructs between 2kb and 25kb.

Uses Oxford Nanopore Technologies for full-length long read sequencing to generate high consensus accuracy.

No primers needed.

The cost is $35/plasmid. For UNSW internals: no quote is required, simply provide account codes in the submission form; For externals to UNSW: email us to request a quote.


Submit your order via the Sample Submission Portal.

Place the samples into the "ONT Plasmid" reception box in the Sanger freezer at Ramaciotti Centre entry on level 2 of E26 UNSW


Send samples to our Parcel delivery address.  

For service specific sample submission criteria, see Whole Plasmid Sequencing using Oxford Nanopore Requirements.


Turnaround time is 4-10 business days after successful QC of submitted samples.

The ONT sequencing data output will be: 

  • Analysis using the EPI2ME Clone validation workflow; output FASTA sequence and report on the assembled plasmid.  
  • Raw ONT data  
  • Run summary: report from the GridION or PromethION run


Do not need full-length plasmid sequencing? Learn about our Sanger Sequencing services.