We now also offer Illumina methylation array technologies. The Infinium Methylation Array has extensive coverage of CpG islands, genes, and enhancers. This technology allows quantification of CpG sites at single base resolution.  

With the Illumina Human MethylationEPIC Array you can identify differentially methylated sites in tumor versus normal tissues and detect miRNA promotor regions as well as Dnase hypersensitive sites. 

Infinium Mouse Methylation Array detects over 285,000 markers, and it is designed for common laboratory mouse strains.

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Service Summary Genotyping Arrays
Service includes: Sample QC --> data ready for analysis
Starting material: Genomic DNA
Amount DNA required: 30ul of DNA (40-80ng/ul concentration)
BeadChip configuration: 8 well (Human), 12 well (Mouse)
Turnaround time: 20-25 business days for in stock kits