The Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics is Australia's leading genomics research and resource Centre with the capacity to deliver data, analysis, guidance and advice of the highest quality. It is a national infrastructure facility and a focus for the development and application of genomics in Australia. It was established in 1999 and is the largest genomics facility at any Australian University. It is comprehensively equipped with the latest next-generation sequencing technology, expression analysis and high throughput microarray systems. 

A brief operational overview of the what we do and who we do it for can be viewed here

Our Mission

Is to deliver internationally competitive genomic services of the highest quality using leading edge technology. 

Our Objectives

  • To provide our users with access to enabling technology and services, facilitating internationally competitive research.
  • To provide genomics and related services of the highest possible quality.
  • To provide support for bespoke and niche projects.
  • To provide services at competitive rates.
  • To build the genomics community in the state of NSW and beyond.

Our Values

  • Excellence
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Diversity
  • Respect