We have an extensive range of services for the study of gene expression or the transcriptome as a whole.

RNA sequencing - RNA sequencing provides information on coding and non-coding RNAs, novel transcripts, differentially spliced transcripts, RNA isoforms and gene fusions. Our suite of RNA sequencing services can be applied to any species and will provide you with a comprehensive gene expression analysis or a deep dive into the transcriptome. Small RNA and single cell RNA sequencing services are also available. 

Gene expression arrays - Our gene expression or transcriptome array services will provide you with an easy to analyse data set for human and model organisms.Low input options are available if you have limited starting material.  

NanoString gene expression - You can choose from a broad portfolio of gene expression probes to build a custom panel containing up to 770 genes. If you are working with challenging samples such as FFPE or require a robust biomarker screening technology our Nanostring service may be what you need. 

A pdf summarising the gene expression and transcriptome services we provide and technology platforms that support these services can be viewed here.

The range of gene expression and transcriptome analysis services that we offer is extensive. We are always happy to discuss the various options that we have on offer and guide you towards the best approach for your project. If there is a technique or technology you are interested in that is not listed on the service menu on the right, contact us as we may be able to offer an alternative solution.