All genomic services provided by the Ramaciotti Centre are subsidised by Australian grant funding. Acknowledgment is a measure of the impact that our Centre has and ensures continuation of this funding. Work performed by the Centre and its staff should be acknowledged in publications, presentations, posters and reports. 

There are two important reasons why you should acknowledge the contribution of the Centre and/or its staff in the acknowledgments/methods section of publications or by co-authorship:

1. Our professional staff are scientists. When we make a substantial intellectual and/or experimental contribution to a study leading to a publication, just like any other collaborator we should be considered as co-authors. It also helps professional staff to advance in their careers and feel valued for their contribution. 

2. Continued grant funding to our Centre and hence access to subsidised services, depends in part on acknowledgment of our work in publications. This is an important metric of the value of our Centre. Full acknowledgment enables us to obtain financial and other support so that we may continue to provide these essential services.

Acknowledging the Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics

In publications, we would appreciate if the “Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics (UNSW Sydney, Australia)” was documented as the service provider in the materials and methods section of the publication or poster. In presentations we would appreciate the inclusion of our logo in any acknowledgement slide. A copy of our logo can be downloaded in rectangular or square format depending on the space available. 


Thank you for your support.