The information below serves as a general guide only. Please refer to your quote for project specific sample submission information. If you cannot provide the requested amount please contact us for options.

General Sample Submission Criteria

  • Samples should be intact i.e. not degraded.
  • Samples should be free of contaminants: 260:280 1.8-2.2 and 260:230 ratio >1.7.
  • RNA samples must be free of genomic DNA contamination.
  • DNA samples must be free of RNA contamination.
  • DNA concentration should be measured using the Qubit or Picogreen assay as quantification by spectrophotometric methods is inaccurate.

Application Specific Sample Submission Criteria


Genome Sequencing - Short Read

Service  Amount Requested Concentration Minimum Volume
PCR-free sample prep

(Illumina DNA PCR-free Prep)

1 ug DNA

30-60 ng/ul

30 ul

PCR-plus sample prep

(Illumina DNA Prep)

500ng DNA

20-25 ng/ul

25 ul


RNA Sequencing - Short Read

Service  Amount Requested Concentration Minimum Volume

mRNA seq

(Illumina Stranded mRNA Prep)

1.2 ug total RNA

30-40 ng/ul

40 ul

Total RNA seq - human, mouse, rat, bacteria

(Illumina Stranded Total RNA Prep with Ribo-Zero Plus)

400 ng total RNA

20-50 ng/ul

20 ul

 Total RNA seq - plants

(TruSeq Stranded Total RNA with Ribo-Zero Plant)

3 ug total RNA  120-180 ng/ul 25 ul

Total RNA seq - low input

(SMARTer Stranded Total RNA-Seq Kit v2 - Pico Input)

10-20 ng total RNA

1-4 ng/ul

12 ul

Total RNA seq - rRNA depleted submission

120 ng rRNA depleted RNA 

10-20 ng/ul

12 ul

small RNA*

(QIAseq miRNA Library Kit)

600 ng total RNA

40-100 ng/ul

15 ul

* contact us for input requirements for serum and plasma. 

    Client Prepared Libraries 

    • Refer to your quote for the amount for this service.
    • Library fragments up to 1kb.  
    • Custom primers must be supplied at the time of sample submission.
    • One pool per run (unless prior arrangements have been made).


    Exome and Panel Sequencing 

    We provide various capture options requiring different input amounts. Contact us for further information. 


    Microbiome Sequencing

    • 15-20ul of DNA at a concentration of 5-10ng/ul.
    • Quantification should be performed by a fluorescence assay (Qubit or Picogreen).
    • DNA of high purity (260/280, 260/230 >~1.8).
    • Samples must be amplifiable by PCR (please check this prior to submission).


    ChIP Sequencing

    • 5ng of the enriched material in a total volume of 12-16ul.
    • Quantification should be performed by a fluorescence assay (Qubit or Picogreen).
    • The fragment size range of the enriched material should be 200-600bp.  

    Oxford Nanopore Long Read Sequencing 

    Genotyping by Microarray 

    • 50ul of intact genomic DNA at a concentration of 15 - 50 ng/ul.
    • Quantification must be performed by a fluorescence assay (Qubit or Picogreen).
    • Samples should be resuspended in nuclease free water or low EDTA TE buffer. 
    • The 260:280 OD ratio should be 1.8 - 2.2 and the 260:230 OD ratio >1.8.
    • DNA should be intact as assessed by agarose gel or similar method. 
    • Note: We can accept dried samples if plate sealing is a concern. 

    Nanostring Services

    Contact us for further information or refer to your quote.