With the Axiom genotyping platform, you can choose a pre-designed array, customise an existing design or create an entirely new array specifically designed to meet the needs of your study.  Axiom arrays are suitable for studies that require high density genotyping (1,500 to 2.6 million markers) and come in 96 array or 384 array plate format. Our lab was one of the first globally to be trained in the new ultra-high-throughput Axiom Propel 96F and 2x384HT workflows. The improved chemistry and scalability and use of liquid-handling instruments lead to greater efficiency, faster turnaround times, and lower cost per sample.

Array options include:

Axiom human genotyping arrays cost ~$63/sample for a batch of 95 samples. Contact us for further information or a quote for your project. Information on how to submit samples for our genotyping services can be found on the sample submission page.  

Service Summary Genotyping Arrays
Service includes: Sample QC --> data ready for analysis
Starting material: Genomic DNA
Amount DNA required: 50ul of DNA (15-50ng/ul concentration)
Array configuration: 96 or 384 array plates
Turnaround time: 15-20 business days for in stock arrays