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We advise our customers to check the chromatograms manually to ensure correct base calling and genotype calling.

Software for Viewing and Editing Chromatograms:

There are a number of analysis program options available.

  • Applied Biosystems Sequencing Analysis 5.1.1 for Windows XP and SeqScape (Sequencing Analysis and alignment) from Applied Biosystems
  • Genemapper 3.7 for Windows XP is available for Microsatellite, AFLP and RFLP analysis from Applied Biosystems

Please note: The Centre is not responsible for providing software for analysis. An analysis service is available (conditions and fees apply). Please contact us for further information.

Other Analysis Programs (including some freeware):

  • Sequence Scanner (Sequencing Analysis) and Peak Scanner (Fragment Analysis) Applied Biosystems for PC
  • Free EditView software from Applied Biosystems for viewing and editing chromatograms (Macintosh OS 9.x, 1.5 Mbytes).
  • Free FinchTV software for viewing and editing chromatograms (Macintosh OS X, Windows, Linux).
  • Free 4Peaks software for viewing and editing chromatograms (Macintosh OS X).
  • Free/shareware Chromas software (Windows/DOS).
  • BioEdit – Biological sequence alignment editor for Windows 95/98/NT.
  • Genedoc – a multiple sequence alignment editor, analyser, and shading utility for Windows.
  • STRand – http://www.vgl.ucdavis.edu/STRand (Fragment Analysis) for PC

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