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Targeted genomic sequencing focuses on specific areas of interest and reduces sequencing costs. There is a wide range of products available, for a list of the most commonly used refer to the table below.

Please contact us for us for a quote or further information on targeted sequencing.

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Targeted Sequencing Products

VendorProductSpeciesOther Information
AgilentSureSelect All ExonHuman and mouse. Other species available through custom design.Custom and expanded (UTR region)
IlluminaTruSeq & TruSight HumanDisease specific and custom panels
IlluminaTruSeq Exome or Nextera Rapid CaptureHumanCustom and expanded (miRNA and UTR region)
IlluminaAmpliSeqHumanDisease specific and custom panels
AgilentHaloplexHumanLow input, from 50ng DNA.
IlluminaTruSeq Targeted RNA ExpressionHumanLow input, from 50ng RNA.
FluidigmAccess ArrayAny speciesRefer to text below

The Fluidigm Access Array system is a target enrichment platform designed for resequencing of selected regions in large numbers of samples. The Access Array system works by assembling PCR reactions for 48 samples against 48 primer sets. Up to 48 primer pairs can be used in singleplex format, or up to 480 primer pairs can be used in the multiplex format. The system is open platform allowing you to use primers from any many sources, whether they are user-designed or ordered through Fluidigm. Please refer to our primer design page for further information. 

Predesigned Primer Panels

Fluidigm have predesigned primer panels that have been optimised to work with the Access Array system. Panels are available for: 

  • BRAC1 – BRAC2 – TP53
  • BRAC1
  • BRAC2
  • EGFR
  • MET
  • TP53

The Ramaciotti Centre has established a pipeline to carry your samples from the Access Array system through to the Illumina Sequencing platforms. Please contact us for further information or assistance with experimental design.

Access array flow chart
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