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The Centre is experienced in a wide variety of protocols allowing us to tailor our service to your research project. We provide excellent project support and deliver high quality data at competitive prices.

To ensure quality we:

  • perform extensive QC checks on your RNA samples 
  • minimise PCR cycles, thereby reducing the number of duplicate reads in your data
  • only use stranded kits to increase mapping accuracy

If required we can provide a rRNA removal service on:

  • Human/Mouse/Rat
  • Bacteria
  • Plant Leaf/Seed/Root
  • Yeast

Further information on rRNA kit species compatibility can be found on Illumina’s website.  

The RNA sequencing services that we offer are summarised in the table below. Please contact the Centre for further information or a quote.

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mRNA Seq
Total RNAPoly A pull down.
Coding only. Stranded.
All except bacterial & viralIllumina
Total RNA Seq Stranded - depleted submissionrRNA depleted RNA Coding and non-coding RNA.
All Illumina
Total RNA Seq
Total RNARibosomal depletion.
Coding and non-coding RNA. Stranded.
Refer to Illumina's website, see above. Illumina
Low Input RNA SeqTotal RNACoding and non-coding RNA. Stranded.All Illumina
Small RNATotal RNAsmall RNA up to 36ntAllIllumina
RNA CaptureTotal RNATargeted RNA enrichment enables sequencing of regions of interest.Refer to Agilent websiteIllumina
Iso-SeqcDNADe novo transcriptome and isoform analysis.AllPacBio

Useful Links

For instructions on how to submit samples please read the NGS Sample Submission Guide.

For general information on our NGS services please visit our FAQ page.

Further information on sequencing platforms can be found on our technology page.

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