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Sequencing | Microbial Profiling/Amplicon Sequencing

Microbial Profiling Services – Amplicon Sequencing

The Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics provides microbial profiling services using amplicon sequencing. The method uses primers designed to target and capture regions of interest, followed by next-generation sequencing. Sequencing of the bacterial 16S rRNA gene is used for bacterial and arechea identification and sequencing of the 18S rRNA or ITS (Internal Transcribed Spacer) genes for the identification of fungi. 

We have a range of pre-otimised primers ready to go (refer to the list below) or we can also sequence custom regions using a tailed amplicon approach.  

  • 16S_V1-V3 (27f-519r)
  • 16S_V4 (515f-806r)
  • 16S_V3-V4 (341f-805r)
  • A16S_V1-V3 (A2f-519r)
  • 18S_V4 (V4_18SNextF-V4_18SNextR)
  • 18S_V9 (1391f-EukBr)
  • ITS (ITS1F-ITS4)
  • ITS2 (fITS7-ITS4)

Our expert team have many years of experience in project design, data delivery and data analysis, so contact us for a quote or for assistance with your project. 

More information on the primers we use can be found on the following websites: 
16S-V4, 18S-V9: Earth Microbiome Project
16S_V1-V3, ITS, 18S_V9, A16S_V1-V3: Biome of Australia Soil Environments (BASE) project
16S_V1-V3, 18S_V4, A16S_V1-V3: Australia Marine Microbes project

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