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The Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics has been providing sequencing services to the research community for over 10 years. Whether you are sequencing a bacterial or human genome, our experienced team will help you design your project and deliver high quality data. The Centre’s portfolio of Illumina and PacBio sequencers allows us to deliver the complete package. Please contact us for a quote or assistance with your project design.

 We are an Illumina Certified Service Provider®.

Services Offered

TruSeq DNA PCR-FreeAll genomes
Insert size 350 or 550bp
No PCR cycles
3 ug (350bp insert)
5 ug (550bp insert)
TruSeq Nano DNA (PCR)All genomes
Insert size 350 or 550bp
8 PCR cycles
300 ng (350bp insert)
500 ng (550bp insert)
Nextera DNAAll genomes
Insert size 200-1000bp
5 PCR cycles
400 ngIllumina
Nextera XT DNASmall genomes
(bacteria, virus, plasmids)
Insert size 200-1000bp
10 PCR cycles
100 ngIllumina
(long read)
All genomes20 ug
(10 - 20kb insert)


Useful Links

For general information on our NGS services visit our FAQ page.

For instructions on how to submit samples please visit our NGS Sample Submission Guide.

Guidelines on submission for long read sequencing on PacBio can be downloaded here.

For further information on our sequencing platforms visit our technology page.


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