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New to Next Generation Sequencing?
Read Illumina’s sequencing introduction to find out more about short read sequencing or visit the PacBio website to learn more about long read sequencing. Illumina’s sequencing coverage calculator can help determine the number of runs required to arrive at the correct coverage for your experiment.

Which sequencer should I use?
Please visit our technology page for further information on our sequencing platforms or contact us for project planning.

How much does it cost per sample?
This is dependent on sample number and application. Please contact us for a quote.

What is the best method to use for extracting RNA?
Please read our RNA purification guide.

How much sample do I need?
Please refer to the sample submission guidelines for Illumina.

How do I submit my samples?

Please read the sample submission guidelines page. An online sample submission form must be completed before sending your samples. There is a direct link to our online submission portal on our home page.

Should I include replicates in my RNAseq experiment?

RNAseq experiments should be treated like any other experiment in which you would as a matter of course include biological replicates. Having insufficient biological replicates will lead to an increase in the false discovery rate. You should also consult with a bioinformatician before conducting your experiments.

What quality control measures are taken by the Centre?
All samples submitted to the Ramaciotti Centre must first pass initial quality control (QC) checks. Only samples that pass QC will progress to sample processing. Failed samples will be rejected and a $15 fee charged for consumables and labour. The decision on whether to process a sample remains with the customer. In the case where a poor quality sample is processed, the facility cannot guarantee the outcome and the customer must accept responsibility.

Customers can resubmit additional samples to complete their experiment or withdraw their submission. If a sample fails initial quality control the customer can resubmit replacement samples or withdraw their submission. If the customer chooses to resubmit their samples they must do so within a 6 week period. Sample submission after the 6 week period has elapsed will be considered as a new submission. If the customer withdraws their samples they must pay for any consumables ordered on their behalf.

What output files will I receive?
You will receive your data as standard Illumina fastq.txt files.

What bioinformatics support is available at the Centre?
Please visit our bioinformatics page if you need bioinformatics support for your downstream analysis.


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