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Genomic Services | Access Array – resequencing

The Fluidigm Access Array system is a unique target enrichment platform designed for resequencing of selected regions from large numbers of samples. The system combines the cost and throughput of Fluidigm’s integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs) with the proven performance and flexibility of PCR.

 The Access Array system works by assembling PCR reactions for 48 samples against 48 primer sets. Up to 48 primer pairs can be used in singleplex format, or alternatively up to 480 primer pairs can be used in the multiplex format. The system produces quality results while minimizing the time, cost and labour. It is an open platform allowing you to use primers from any appropriate source, whether they are user-designed or ordered through Fluidigm. Please refer to our primer design page for further information. 

Predesigned Primer Panels

Fluidigm have predesigned primer panels that have been optimised to work with the Access Array system. Panels are available for: 

The Ramaciotti Centre has established a pipeline to carry your samples from the Access Array system through to the Illumina Sequencing platforms. Please contact us for further information or assistance with experimental design.

Access array flow chartIMPORTANT: Customers must validate their assays (primers) before submission. As the Fluidigm BioMark HD is different to other PCR systems it is recommended that a trial run is performed prior to scaling up. The Centre will not guarantee results if assays are not validated on the Fluidigm system. Please contact us for validation protocols and assistance with experimental design.

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