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Fluidigm | Single Cell Genomics

The Ramaciotti Centre provides single cell genomic services using the Fluidigm C1™ Single Cell Auto Prep System. The C1 simplifies and speeds up the isolation and preparation of genomic material from live cells enabling single cell transcriptomic or genomic analysis from samples containing only a few hundred cells. The standard C1 chip captures up to 96 cells in a single run.

NEW: Fluidigm has launched a new integrated fluidics circuit (IFC) that can prepare up to 800 single cells for mRNA sequencing. This new IFC increases throughput and decreases per-cell cost for sequencing preparation.
–    Up to 800 cells captured per IFC
–    Minimise library prep and sequencing costs with Fluidigm’s barcoding and pooling strategy
–    Two different cell types can be run on the IFC at the same time. eg. a diseased vs control group
–    A more statistically robust way of studying sub populations of rarer cells

Contact us to learn more about the new C1 Single-Cell mRNA Seq HT IFC.

Single Cell Genomic Services

Our services include capture and downstream sequencing or qPCR as required. Further details on Fluidigm C1 services and applications are presented in the tables below. Further detailed information on C1 applications can be found on the Fluidigm website.

Transcriptomic Services

SCIENTIFIC AIMDiscover novel expression profiles and transcripts.Validate and routinely measure differential expression of known transcripts.Study the regulation of biological pathways.
SERVICESingle cell mRNA sequencingSingle cell gene expression by qPCRSingle cell miRNA by qPCR

Genomic Services

SCIENTIFIC AIMInvestigate selected genes or regions associated with a disease.Analyse the protein coding regions of the genome. Discover variants in the regulatory and functional regions of the genome.
SERVICESingle cell targeted sequencingSingle cell exome sequencingSingle cell whole genome sequencing

Cell Sizes

C1 capture chips are available for the following cell sizes:

  • 5-10 micron: small cells such as stem cells and WBC.
  • 10-17 micron: medium cells such as iPS, progenitor cells, neurons, and others.
  • 17-25 micron: large cells such as fibroblasts, keratinocytes, cardiomyocytes, smooth muscle cells, and others.

NOTE: The secret of a successful single cell capture is the preparation of high quality single cell suspension. Cells must meet Fluidigm’s specifications. A copy of Fluidigm’s single cell preparation guide can be downloaded here.  

Please contact us for pricing and further information on these services or for assistance with experimental design and optimisation.


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