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General enquiries

Telephone: (02) 9385 1241
Email:  ramaciotti@unsw.edu.au

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Next-generation sequencing services

Telephone: (02) 9385 1658 (Illumina sequencing)
Telephone: (02) 9385 1121 (PacBio sequencing)
Email: nextgenseq@unsw.edu.au

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Microarray enquiries

Telephone: (02) 9385 1241
Email: ramaciotti@unsw.edu.au

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Sanger sequencing enquiries

Telephone: (02) 9385 1237
Email: sequencing@unsw.edu.au

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Parcel/Courier Delivery Address

The Ramaciotti Centre
Faculty of Science
Upper Campus Store, Room LG018
E26, Bioscience South
LG018 Loading Dock,
Via Gate 11 Botany Street,
UNSW Sydney NSW 2052

Postal Address

The Ramaciotti Centre
Biological Sciences Building (D26)
UNSW Sydney, NSW 2052

Location of Laboratories & Offices

Level 2
Biosciences South Building (E26)
Botany Street
UNSW Sydney, NSW  2052

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Please ensure that you have completed an online sample submission form before sending samples.

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