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Axiom Genotyping Service

Axiom genotyping array plates are designed for genome-wide association studies (GWAS) and candidate gene association studies.  Predesigned Axiom array plates are available for bio-banking, precision medicine, exome genotyping, agrigenomics and population studies e.g. Caucasian (CEU) or Asian (ASI).  A full list of Axiom array products can be found on the Thermo Fisher Scientific website

Axiom arrays are fully customisable using validated genomic content from the Axiom Genomic Database. The database contains more than 7.4 million common and rare SNPs or single-base insertions/deletions (indels), including more than 5 million validated SNPs.

Axiom array plates are processed using the GeneTitan® Multi-Channel (MC) Instrument which automates array processing from target hybridisation to data generation by combining a hybridisation oven, fluidics processing, and imaging device into a single bench-top instrument.

For further general information on these services please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

For instructions on how to submit samples for processing please read the Microarray Sample Submission Guide.

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