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Array Services | RNA & miRNA Arrays

Microarrays are used to identify differentially expressed genes in biological samples under different conditions. They are widely used for biomarker identification, drug screening, studies of physiological regulation or disease mechanisms. Arrays have well annotated content and are easy to anlayse making them the platform of choice for many gene expression studies. 

The Ramaciotti Centre provides gene expression, miRNA and transcriptome analysis services using the latest array technology.  Our professional staff have extensive experience in experimental design, quality control, sample processing and in the operation of genomic technology platforms and will ensure that you receive data of the highest quality.  Please contact us for a quote or for assistance with project design. Information on how to submit samples can be found on the sample submission page

Service Summary Gene Expression, Transcriptome and miRNA Analysis
Service includes:Sample QC ---> Data ready for analysis
Starting material:Total RNA
Standard input option:
500ng total RNA
Low input option: 100pg total RNA (not available for miRNA arrays)
Array information:- Clariom S (gene expression)
- Clariom D (transcriptome: coding, lncRNA, splicing)
- miRNA profiling
- other array types are available upon request
Array configuration:- Single arrays
- 24 or 96 array plates
Turnaround time:4 weeks on in stock arrays

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