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The Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics provides high-throughput genotyping services using Axiom genotyping arrays, the platform of choice for large-scale genotyping studies. We have extensive experience in genotyping by array and are the partners of choice for many large Australian genotyping studies. 

With the Axiom platform you can choose a pre-designed array, customise an existing design or create an entirely new array specifically designed to meet the needs of your study.  Axiom arrays are suitable for studies that require high density genotyping (1,500 to 2.6 million markers) and have a minimum order of 96 arrays.  

Contact us for a quote or for assistance with project design. Information on how to submit samples for this service can be found on the sample submission page

Applications Supported: 

Axiom Precision Medicine Research Arrays

A cost-effective global screening array with broad-population coverage of GWAS and clinical research content. Ideal for studies investigating the relationship between genetics and susceptibility to complex diseases. For further information on this array please visit 

Axiom Biobank Genotyping Arrays

Tailored for trait and population studies, this high-throughput platform is ideal for genotyping large sample cohorts

Pharmacogenomic Arrays

An ideal platform for translational researchers looking to understand how genetic variations affect drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion. 

Axiom Population Arrays

Axiom World Arrays and Population-Optimised Arrays are genotyping panels that offer genetic coverage of rare and common variants for efficient genome-wide disease association studies.

Axiom myDesign Genotyping Arrays

Develop custom arrays for your study. Use variants you provide or choose SNPs from the Axiom Genomic Database, the world’s largest resource of genotype-tested SNPs.

Axiom Agrigenomic Genotyping Arrays

Ideal for the identification, validation, and screening of complex genetic traits in plants and animals. Choose from our wide variety of predesigned arrays or customise an array specifically for your study.

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Service Summary Genotyping Arrays
Service includes:Sample QC ---> Data ready for analysis
Starting material:Genomic DNA
Amount DNA required:
Array configuration:96 array plates
Turnaround time:Dependent on the scale of the project, please request a quote.

If this format or density doesn’t quite fit you experimental design please contact us as we have other genotyping solutions. 


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