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Director – Professor Marc Wilkins

Marc has over 20 years of experience in ‘omics’ research, and in the establishment and use of high technology facilities. He has co-founded two biotechnology companies, has 7 years of full-time experience in industry and 5 years’ experience as a non-executive company director. He has a career total of >140 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters and has edited 2 books. His current research interests are the dynamics of protein interaction networks and the understanding of complex phenotypes by use of next-generation sequencing. Marc directs two initiatives at UNSW: the Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics and the Systems Biology Initiative.

Deputy Director/Centre Manager – Dr Helen Speirs

Helen has worked in the field of genomics for over 20 years. Her interests lie in developing genomic technologies and enabling research by making them accessible to the research community.  Helen is a member of the Executive Committee of the Australasian Genomic Technologies Association (AGTA)

Professional Staff

Illumina Sequencing                                                                    PacBio Sequencing   
Dr Helena Mangs                                                                           Tonia Russell
Jason Koval 

Micorarray & Nanostring Services                                             Sanger Sequencing
Dr Erika Becker                                                                              Dr Jackie Chan

Fluidigim Services                                                                       IT
Dr Kristin North                                                                              Robin Heron

NGS Support Staff                                                                       Quality Consultant       
Dr Carolina Correa                                                                         Keren Natalia
Dr Zena Kassir
Dr Darshi Ramesh
Dr Caitriona Murray
Dr Alper Yasar
Angela Chilton
Stefano Vecchiarelli

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